Your Sector

Tackle intractable problems wherever people work or play together.

Teaching & Learning

Support lifelong learning for individuals, organizations, and communities.

Business & Industry

Improve performance from the front lines to the C Suite.

Health Care

Set conditions for health and well being for patients and the people and institutions who care for them.


Create smart policy, reliable and flexible processes and impact of public service at all levels.


Invest in the commons to bring the greatest good to the greatest number.

Lead in Complexity

Use the power of self-organizing systems to lead your team or your institution into the future.

Manage Strategic Change

See, understand, and leverage today’s challenges to create tomorrow’s opportunities.

Build Adaptive Capacity

Develop people, organizations, and communities to be their best and to do their best.

Collaborate to Create Community

Use conflict as a resource and difference as an engine for change.

Plan in Uncertainty

Prepare for a future you cannot predict or control.

Your Issue

Break through intractable issues for yourself and your clients.
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