The language of complexity has become commonplace—fractals, attractors, emergence. But complexity in action is rare. The Praxis of HSD changes the rules. It integrates complexity theory and innovative practice for maximum impact.

Most complexity science is great at describing what happened in the past. While it can be interesting to spot chaos in your rearview mirror, you still don’t have any idea what to do about it.

At HSD Institute, we are not just complexity and systems thinkers, we are complexity and systems doers. We use what we see in the present to understand patterns that hold potential power for change. When we see the power, we make choices to shift conditions and influence the system as it emerges into the future. We cannot predict the future of a complex adaptive system, nobody can. But we can make intentional choices, as individuals and groups, to shift the patterns and turn the potential of the moment into real impact in the future.

Our key to success is to integrate what we see and know with what we are able to do. As individuals and groups, we learn from action, and we test ideas in practice. This is the essence—our definition—of HSD Praxis.

In our public and private Adaptive Action Labs, we guide our clients in their own praxis to break free from their most sticky issues.

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The future is in your hands. Human systems dynamics can help you address your most intractable issues.

Seeing Is Believing

We have helped clients in many sectors see, understand, and influence their sticky issues. See how HSD Praxis worked for some of them.

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April 2, 2015 Explore an alternative science and join an alternative practice to find breakthrough solutions to the most sticky issues. 19th Century theory and 20th Century practice keep us stuck in our 21st Century problems. Until we think about reality differently, we will not act differently. Until we act differently, we will not solve our most difficult problems. Step through the HSD looking glass to see in surprising ways, imagine innovations, and take Adaptive Action.
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