Adaptation may be the most important survival strategy for the twenty-first century. Economic, political, social, technological, and cultural change accelerate, and anyone who hesitates to adapt will die or become obsolete.

Forget the idea of risky action. The most high-risk strategy in the coming decade will be refusing to act. But not all action is created equal. Wise action that fuels adaptation requires a range of skills and tools, from mindfulness to objective observation; from innovation to relationship.

Adaptation leverages the power of individuals and groups in complex systems to help you see opportunity, understand options for action, choose wisely, assess results, and repeat. And that is the essence of Adaptive Capacity.

In Adaptive Action Labs, you will learn simple concepts and distinctions that help you see patterns quickly and influence them efficiently. Working with others, you will practice what you learn. Focusing on your own most sticky issues, you will reap the benefits of adaptation as you learn Adaptive Action.

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You develop your adaptive capacity through Pattern Logic and Adaptive Action. It may sound simple, but it isn’t always easy. Begin to build your capacity today.
In organizations of all sizes, leaders are being challenged by the complexity that swirls around them.They are called to navigate multiple, interdependent forces that influence their organizations. They deal with diversity of thought, culture, ability, engagement far beyond what has been present in the past. And they work in environments where history is critically important and calls them to honor tradition and learn from the past. At the same time, they work in complex systems where there is no direct cause/effect relationship that points to a quick fix.
In  a system-wide training course in a national health care organization, one of the HSD Adaptive Action Labs includes HSD-based coaching sessions with individual participants between residential sessions that periodically brought them together for in-person learning.

HSD will help you and your organization increase your capacity to adapt to complex change, whether you are engaged in:

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Join us at our Adaptive Action Laboratories and find your next wise actions in response to your most sticky issues.