HSD is grounded in inquiry. Answers have short shelf lives in complex systems, and a good question can last a lifetime. Adaptive Action is three key questions to keep you moving forward.

What do you observe? Know for sure? Wonder?

So what is working, and what is not?

Now what will you do to make a difference for the future?

These Adaptive Action questions are at the heart of human systems dynamics. They are simple as child’s play, but they are not easy. They demand humility, courage, care, and curiosity from individuals and groups.

In HSD Adaptive Action Labs, you learn to repeat these questions in the part of the system where you stand or in the system as a whole. You repeat them in the moment or across days, weeks, or months. This iterative inquiry leads you to your next wise action, even in the most chaotic situations.

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Your Issue

The Human Systems Dynamics Institute leads both public and private Adaptive Action Labs. Find out how HSD inquiry works in your sector or on your most sticky issue.

Simple Rules Guide Inquiry

Our short list of Simple Rules informs our thought and action to create a coherent pattern of inquiry and impact.

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Adaptive Action is an iterative, deceptively simple planning process that allows you to move forward in uncertainty. When you feel like you cannot move forward because you don't know what to do, you can always use Adaptive Action to identify your next wise action.
In the complexity of the 21st century, traditional strategic planning is no longer adequate to address the uncertainty of organizational life. At the same time, organizations do need to set direction and take coherent action toward established goals. They must have flexibility to adapt to the constant change of todays landscape. Strategic Adaptive Action offers a structure and process that provide both direction and flexibility.
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