Some people think change is hard, but we think it is easy. Change is happening all the time, all around us. If you pay attention, you will see that everything around you is moving, from the tension in your muscles to the traffic on the highway and the flow of information passing from person to person and place to place.

What is hard is to engage in change as it happens and to influence it toward a strategy you and your organization intend. This is what we call “managing strategic change.” HSD models and methods support you as you manage strategic change because they help you and your team see patterns emerge in real time, understand those patterns in surprising and useful ways, and take action to influence change in those patterns as it is happening.

Adaptive Action Labs invite leaders at all levels in an organization or community to learn the tools and practice the skills that will help them manage strategic change in themselves and all the human systems that surround them.

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Old-time strategic planning simply does not work in complex times. Today you need a planning process that is as flexible and adaptable as your strategy.
Traditional strategic planning requires that you predict what will happen and make a plan to control how the future unfolds.
The Architectural Model is designed to help you visualize coherence and alignment across scales in your system. It ensures that the organizational and operational structures you establish provide the greatest fit between what you do, how you work, and what you hold to be true.
For 30 years a philanthropic intermediary had created and sustained a system for affordable housing in the metropolitan area around St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

HSD will help you and your organization develop leaders who are prepared to thrive in uncertainty, whether you are engaged in:

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