We do not promise that HSD will help you stretch your identity, open your heart and mind, or improve your performance. Our experience, though, is that people are transformed. Our clients and Associates have convinced us that HSD is a powerful pathway to personal transformation.  

HSD Praxis sets conditions for people to be their best and to do their best.

Using HSD Models & Methods, practitioners observe the dynamics that influence individuals and groups. They compare the current patterns to aspirational ones, and shift conditions to encourage positive change.

Group patterns emerge from individual behavior, and individual behavior is shaped by rules. When a diverse or disrupted group needs to work together effectively, we help them create conditions that will contribute to sustainable coherence for the part, the whole, and the greater whole. HSD uses simple rules to help groups become conscious of their habitual behaviors and name the patterns, rules, and behaviors that will serve them well into the future.

Since 2003, our international network has used a short list of simple rules to guide our decision making, evaluation, product and service design, and personal and professional relationships.

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HSD Institute Simple Rules

We agree with scientists who say that simple rules in natural systems lead to a healthy balance of consistency and creativity. That is why our Simple Rules are so important to us as individuals who contribute to a field, an Institute, and a network of learning and practice.

Collaborate to Create Community

Collaboration is a sticky issue for public and private organizations around the world. HSD offers an innovative approach to collaboration that creates community.

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This book offers a clear and thoughtful process for reflection, self-exploration and planning, to bring you toward a new level of personal insight and growth. It's a radical approach that enables you to use HSD Models & Methods to consider your life right now and your future potential.
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