We help bureaucracy at any level be more reliable and more flexible at the same time. When tight control and clear relationships are needed, we support process management, measurement, and accountability. When collaboration and public engagement are required, we build networks and dialogue across boundaries. Our team has:

  • Facilitated an expert panel to inform policy to support frail elders at home
  • Framed public/private partnerships to employ people with disabilities
  • Designed and facilitated international experts to design a knowledge management system for environmental evaluations
  • Brought systems thinking and action to support a network of networks to prevent child abuse and maltreatment
  • Trained and coached an internal team of HSD professionals to redesign a national school for public service personnel

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At all levels of government, demands increase while resources dwindle. HSD provides processes and practices that break old assumptions and discover new solutions to complex problems.
Adaptive Action helps unstick the most sticky issues for individuals, groups, and communities. In the Mahtomedi, MN TEDx, Glenda Eoyang tells you how.
Around the world, groups of all kinds are taking action to improve the environment. International non-governmental institutions, governments at all levels, private industry, and research institutions implement programs to reduce greenhouse gases, increase access to safe water, clean up old chemical dumps, or take many other actions to protect the environment.

If you are engaged in public service, what are your most sticky issues? Human Systems Dynamics will help you and the system you support to:

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Join us at our Adaptive Action Laboratories and find your next wise actions in response to your most sticky issues.