We believe that health and well being are coherent patterns that emerge across a whole community when policies, procedures, practices, and people work together to create impact. Many HSD Associates support the individuals and institutions that support health. They:

  • Respond to crisis as emergency room physicians
  • Release the tension in muscles and joints as massage therapists
  • Provide internal consulting in human resources, evaluation, change management, training or organization development in health care institutions
  • Serve as health care administrators
  • Inform public policy to set conditions for institutions and individuals contribute to health and well being

Adaptive Action—the three simple questions of HSD—help each of these individuals and groups see their challenges more clearly, understand them in useful ways, and take individual and collective action to make a difference.

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See what it means to re-conceptualize health and health care through the lens of Adaptive Action and Pattern Logic.
May 7, 2015 You make choices every day that have an impact on all areas of your life. Use HSD to ensure that those choices support health and wellbeing for yourself, your family, team, organization, and community today and for years to come.
April 14, 2016 Traditional paradigms of health and care have helped cure many ills and revealed others. The challenge of tomorrow is to take Adaptive Action to see and shift patterns of intractable health challenges, and to address all these issues cost-effectively and sustainably. Listen to the recording to hear stories of transformation that demonstrate a new paradigm and its potential to heal the hurt in systems of health and health care.
It all began at Authentic Leadership in Action, 2009. Glenda Eoyang and Wendy Morris were leading a module using human systems dynamics principles to help people lead in complexity.

If you are engaged in transforming health care, what are your most sticky issues? Human Systems Dynamics will help you, your team, and your whole system:

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