In simple times, when change is slow, you can use the past to predict the future. Long-term goals, milestones, task lists, and unchanging assumptions make perfect sense. Few of us live in those times these days. Our futures are complex and fast changing, so our processes for preparing for them have to be, too.

HSD helps clients design customized Adaptive Action planning processes, because we understand that no two groups will travel the same path into the future. All of these processes are based on the fundamental principles of HSD: Adaptive Action and Pattern Logic, but no two are ever the same.

Some organizations need small groups planning in short cycles, others need long cycles for infrastructure development. Some clients know their environments well, and others need to scan before they plan. Our planning processes help you see the differences that make a difference for, so you can create a planning process that fits you and your organization.

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Adaptive Action offers the structure you need and the flexibility your environment demands. Check out how Adaptive Action planning can meet your needs.
In the complexity of the 21st century, traditional strategic planning is no longer adequate to address the uncertainty of organizational life. At the same time, organizations do need to set direction and take coherent action toward established goals. They must have flexibility to adapt to the constant change of todays landscape. Strategic Adaptive Action offers a structure and process that provide both direction and flexibility.
We need a strategic plan, she launched into an explanation about stakeholders who disagreed on mission, clients who were dissatisfied, dysfunctional teams, and exhausted and over-stretched middle management. It happened that hers was a multi-function health care organization, including insurance for low-income families, an urban hospital, clinics, and prevention services.

HSD will help you plan for the unexpected, whether you are engaged in:

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