Our Story

Glenda found answers—or at least better questions—in the emerging sciences of chaos and complexity.

Simple Rules

We agree with scientists who say that simple rules in natural systems lead to a healthy balance of consistency and creativity.

HSD Team

A team of dedicated and talented professionals holds the space to nurture human systems dynamics.

Network of Associates

Individuals come into the HSD community to learn and grow. All of them develop adaptive capacity and build skill with Models and Methods that meet their immediate needs.

HSD Social Systems Map

Networks are the organizational structure of the future. When org charts are obsolete, networks emerge. We have created a social systems map so the HSD Network can be visible to itself. You are welcome to explore the map yourself, because it is public.


The Human Systems Dynamics Institute is a network of networks. We use what we know about the complex dynamics of human systems to set conditions for individuals and groups—including ourselves—to thrive in chaos.
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