HSD prepares leaders for wise action in complex and turbulent times. Based in complexity science and chaos theory, human systems dynamics welcomes the command-and-control path of leadership just as much as the observe-and-adapt approach.

Traditional leadership approaches, grounded in twentieth-century reality, focused on the leader as courageous person of action and power. Current approaches speak to leaders’ abilities to see patterns, listen to weak signals, and support the emotions and cultures of teams. We recognize that a healthy, growing organization needs both of these leadership approaches. The real challenge is to know which is the best choice in the here-and-now. We help leaders make decisions and take action that are “fit for function,” whatever challenges they face.

HSD prepares leaders to:

  • See their environments with clarity and minimal bias
  • Create patterns and make meaning, even in the most chaotic contexts
  • Seize the freedom and power to take a “next wise action”
  • Test and learn in the next cycle of observation, understanding, and action

HSD prepares leaders to meet their challenges with a strong guiding hand or an open inquiry, whatever is the Adaptive Action that is most fit for function.

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Transformative leadership is easier to talk about than to do. Explore the lessons we have learned about leading toward transformation in complex organizations.
The British Columbia Healthcare Leadership Development Collaborative hosts a training program to prepare its emerging leaders to guide the future of healthcare across the Province.
Interdependent Pairs is a model and method that allows individuals and groups to explore the paradoxes that emerge from the complexity in their systems. In a complex system, there is very little that is all or nothing. The challenges that have you stuck are the ones where there is no clear one-way consideration. The stickiness of your issues comes because you move on shifting landscapes between the extreme positions on the questions you face.

HSD will help you and your organization develop leaders who are prepared to thrive in uncertainty, whether you are engaged in:

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Join us at our Adaptive Action Laboratories and find your next wise actions in response to your most sticky issues.