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September 7, 2023 Your options for action depend on what you see. What you see depends on what you look for. If you are looking for problems and barriers, you will surely find them. Then your only choice will be to solve the problems and break down the barriers. This is great as long as it works, but you will be totally stuck when you run into problems without solutions or impermeable barriers. In those moments, you need better ways to see and more options for action. Pattern Logic multiplies your options for action because it helps you see hidden potential instead of problems and barriers.  This LVW introduces and deepens the concepts and tools of Pattern Logic to help people everywhere see their way to better outcomes.
Build Adaptive Capacity
Looking forward is entering into what does not yet exist. It can be easy when we are in an environment we can control. But we often find it difficult to make decisions and determine actions.
Build Adaptive Capacity
In mathematics there is a group of patterns referred to as “attractors”. In complex systems, recognizable patterns of behavior can evolve over time, based on the system’s initial conditions. Mathematicians studied those patterns and identified unique sets of conditions that shape the different types of patterns. We use the insights of these mathematicians to inform our basic decisions and actions.
Build Adaptive Capacity
What do falling in love, a summer thunderstorm, and an election have in common? They are all turbulence in search of resolution. What is turbulence, and why would Ramsey Clark call it an opportunity? The dynamics of complex adaptive systems can answer these questions and generate other questions to help you love the turbulence you are in. 
August 3, 2023 Change is perpetual in a complex system, so your response must be perpetual, too. What worked yesterday will probably not meet the same needs in an emergent future. Because of the inevitability of change, you must develop resilience that serves you across time and challenge. We see resilience as finding what is fit for function now and in an emerging future, not returning to some earlier state of happy equilibrium.  In this Live Virtual Workshop, you will learn some simple rules for finding adaptive responses to help you thrive in unpredictable and inevitable change.
Manage Strategic Change
Consulting is a many-faceted job, particularly in the complexities of today’s organizational landscape. For good consultants, every call brings a new, unique challenge. Each organization has its own assets and barriers. When every situation is so unique, where can you start?
Teaching & LearningBuild Adaptive Capacity
Two HSD Professional Certification programs are kicking off in August! Why should YOU join? What will YOU learn? What answers do YOU seek? This week, Glenda Eoyang’s blog post helps YOU explore some of those questions.
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