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June 20, 2024 The HSD Community Commons is where so many people come together to apply HSD in myriad ways. Four times each year, this group comes together to share their interests and learning.
June 6, 2024 We know the differences that determine potential energy in batteries, rolling balls, waterfalls, and bouncing springs. We also know how to transform that energy into work to accomplish the practical work of living in the real world. What if we had the same kind of intelligence about the potential energy in human systems? What if we could harvest the energy in human systems to generate the cultural, physical, and emotional work of individual belonging and collective wellbeing? Three simple practices allow you to see the energy hidden in differences among people, understand the generative potential of that energy, and take intentional action to set conditions for people to become all they can and choose to be. This workshop demonstrates how the theory and the practice of HSD prepare you to transform yourself and the communities you call home.
March 21, 2024 April Schnell is a career development specialist who discovered the HSDI community in 2020 and became an HSD Associate. April shared her application of the HSD worldview to career development and describe work as an ongoing pattern of exchanges between an individual and his or her work. She uses the identification of patterns of flow, attunement, and intention of purpose with clients to help them identify what is fit for function while recognizing that individuals and the nature of work continue to change. April announced a professional development group that she and Janice Ryan, another HSD Associate, are starting for professionals (coaches, therapists, teachers, doctors, etc.) who use HSD with individuals they serve. The session engaged the HSD community for input on how its Simple Rules can be used to set generative conditions for HSD experiments (like hers with the professional development group) during the 2024 transition year. How can we create a coherent and thriving network?
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