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October 5, 2023 In times of chaos and confusion, a good question will serve you much better than any answer. Answers shift and deceive, while questions keep you open to learning and adaptation. In this workshop, Glenda explores two powerful practices that will help you and your teams stay in adaptive inquiry. This virtual workshop is for anyone who is ready to thrive in whatever future emerges.
September 21, 2023 In the September HSD Community Commons, we were welcomed by Robin Kilroy, who works with Carla Blanquier and John Murphy to plan and host the HSD Community Commons meetings. Robin introduced Miriam Bayes, who has partnered with Royce Holladay to create an HSD-based in-depth application of HSD in Coaching. The resulting program has been approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for 40 CCE units.  After briefly introducing an overview of the program, Miriam and Royce introduced the group to one of the Models/Methods they have modified from the HSD website. They have adapted the Decision Map to be used by Coaches to understand and support change in their clients. In breakout rooms, the attendees talked about the adapted model in trios and brought their insights and questions back to the larger group. This portion of the meeting ended with a large-group Power of Questions session, introducing it as a tool for coaches to use with their clients and with other coaches to explore some of their most wicked challenges.  Carla closed the meeting, thanking Mirima and Royce for their presentation and all others for their contributions to an engaging session.
Build Adaptive Capacity
HSD Models and Methods offer us a way to live out the HSD vision.
September 7, 2023 Your options for action depend on what you see. What you see depends on what you look for. If you are looking for problems and barriers, you will surely find them. Then your only choice will be to solve the problems and break down the barriers. This is great as long as it works, but you will be totally stuck when you run into problems without solutions or impermeable barriers. In those moments, you need better ways to see and more options for action. Pattern Logic multiplies your options for action because it helps you see hidden potential instead of problems and barriers.  This LVW introduces and deepens the concepts and tools of Pattern Logic to help people everywhere see their way to better outcomes.
Build Adaptive Capacity
Looking forward is entering into what does not yet exist. It can be easy when we are in an environment we can control. But we often find it difficult to make decisions and determine actions.
Build Adaptive Capacity
In mathematics there is a group of patterns referred to as “attractors”. In complex systems, recognizable patterns of behavior can evolve over time, based on the system’s initial conditions. Mathematicians studied those patterns and identified unique sets of conditions that shape the different types of patterns. We use the insights of these mathematicians to inform our basic decisions and actions.
Build Adaptive Capacity
What do falling in love, a summer thunderstorm, and an election have in common? They are all turbulence in search of resolution. What is turbulence, and why would Ramsey Clark call it an opportunity? The dynamics of complex adaptive systems can answer these questions and generate other questions to help you love the turbulence you are in. 
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