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Build Adaptive Capacity
We talk about change as an orderly sequence from past through present and into future. That is not how most people experience change, though. The concept of ‘stretch and fold” is a better mirror for our experience of change in human systems. In this week’s post, Glenda explores the emergent nature and living paradox of transformation in complex systems.
Collaborate to Create Community
In today’s blog post, Glenda Eoyang shares an experience of personal transformation about seeing the unique miracle that is each person she meets and connecting with that person in humility and sensitive inquiry. She continues to live into that transformation learning more about her own ways of connecting. Now, she invites you to learn from two of the people who helped to set conditions for these new emerging patterns.
December 1, 2022 A new year brings opportunity for a new start. It can be a time to reflect on the past and resolve to change patterns that no longer serve us. The problem is that those plans usually go awry after a short time. We plan a game we think we can win and often lose before we really get started. In HSD we call that playing the Finite Game. We plan for the short term, without considering the long-term implications. The alternative is an Infinite Game that recognizes the value of a lifelong commitment to systemic and continuous self-improvement. In this LVW, Glenda explores Finite and Infinite Games as she prepares for the new year. You, too, can shift your patterns of planning and change. Leave this workshop with some new skills and ideas to build New Year’s Resolutions to change your life for the better in 2023.
Build Adaptive Capacity
Each year at this time, we plan the Adaptive Action Labs (AALabs) for the next year. We consider a number of factors in selecting the topics. What challenges are clients talking about? What questions do we hear from Associates? Which of the AALabs has been successful in the past, and which ones should be put aside for a year or two? Ultimately, after these questions, the anchor we always come back to is this: What topics will best help individuals and groups live out the HSD Vision?
Build Adaptive Capacity
Historically, autumn has been considered the season of harvest. Summer’s stretch transforms water, sunlight, and nutrients to create the bounty of harvest. In autumn’s folding, we celebrate the abundance that will feed us during winter’s resting times. Autumn has been honored in many traditions as a time of thanksgiving for this abundance. A quick perusal of the Internet provided me insights about these kinds of celebrations around the world, at different times, in both the northern and the southern hemispheres.
Teaching & LearningCollaborate to Create Community
When Glenda Eoyang, Founder and Executive Director of Human Systems Dynamics Institute, invited me to co-facilitate an HSD Adaption Action Lab focused on transcending racism and “othering,” I immediately said yes for a couple of irresistible reasons.
November 3, 2022 Native American stories distinguish “mouse eyes” and “eagle eyes.” Like other tensions in cultural wisdoms, both of these perspectives are rich with possibility. Each one also comes with risks and challenges. If you make mouse eyes a habit, then you miss the rich context and long-range interactions. If you always play the eagle, you will miss glorious details of the moment. When we are swamped by our problems, we tend to get stuck with the mouse. We face complexities of life every day. We experience a challenge or face a barrier and take the steps we believe will get us past that problem. Rarely do we step back to look at the larger patterns through the eyes of the eagle. Eagle eyes will help us understand the dynamics of our problems and see our complicity in their origins. While many mouse-level surprises are beyond our control, some of them we can see, understand, and influence from the eagle’s view. Join Glenda Eoyang to consider how to use HSD to see from both perspectives and turn problems we can’t solve into patterns we can influence. 
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