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June 2, 2022 You deal with complexity and uncertainty that are inherent in today’s landscape. You live and work in an interdependent world where cause-effect relationships are unclear. You can’t plan effectively for the future. Powerful forces beyond your understanding shape your day-to-day existence. Traditional ways of being, knowing, and doing emerged to cope in simpler times, but they are not so useful today. You need capacity to thrive in such an unpredictable world. HSD offers a powerful path to build Adaptive Capacity you need to thrive in the world of today and tomorrow. Adaptive Capacity is the ability and willingness to engage with the world and stay resilient in the face of persistent change. Watch this month’s LVW to learn about the theory and practice of Adaptive Capacity. Leave with skills and tools to build your Adaptive Capacity to thrive in the future, whatever it brings. Watch the Workshop
Build Adaptive Capacity
In today’s world, we navigate widely different perspectives in many areas of our life. For example just consider politics, social perspectives, and economics. If nothing really is intractable, as the HSD tagline says, how can we step into conversations to find ways to move together, in spite of our differences?
Why does change seem so hard? Maybe the reason is simple: While the change pathway or plan can be fairly simple, the actual path of each change is unique.
May 5, 2022 Two things sustain a complex system: Similarity and difference. The similarity holds the system together with coherence and identity. Difference introduces the potential energy of tension and possibility. Most tools of applied social sciences focus on “common ground.”  Similarity becomes the platform for building a shared future. We avoid difference. We fear it because we don’t know how to capture and channel its power. In HSD, we recognize difference as a source of energy. It is the driver of change. It is the root for learning and growth. It is full of promise and possibility—if we just let ourselves use it. In this LVW, Glenda Eoyang shares tools from HSD to help us recognize and leverage the possibility in difference. Bring your most wicked issues and leave with a plan to see and leverage the possibilities that hide in the differences you dread.
Build Adaptive Capacity
There is no one HSD model that fits any given question or issue. Choosing the most helpful tool depends on the context of the situation, the people involved, and the choice of the person who is looking for help. In today’s blog post, Royce explores this idea applying four HSD models to each of the practices of Inquiry.
Manage Strategic Change
I was meeting with an executive team last week and realized they felt overwhelmed by an impending culture change effort. They had tired it before, with few results, and none of them was eager to dive in again. On the other hand, culture change was exactly what they needed. The pandemic disrupted supply chains and customer expectations. The “great resignation” is challenging their assumptions about recruitment and retention. Personnel exhibit symptoms of trauma and persistent stress. Board members see signs of discord and dissatisfaction. Productivity, customer satisfaction, employee experience and engagement are all suffering. At the same time, their global market expects innovation and agility.
April 7, 2022 In a complex, uncertain world time does not flow in a straight, unbroken line. We can reflect on and learn from the past. We can imagine a smooth path into the future, but in the moment of change, anything can happen. And to make matters worse, any moment can be a moment of change. The challenge we face is to be present as change emerges, to be curious to explore options, and find the courage to act, even when the future is unknowable. In this Live Virtual Workshop, Glenda Eoyang talks about how HSD can help you build the Adaptive Capacity you need to thrive in such unpredictable change. Leave with tools to access and leverage your memories and imagination to step off the tightwire and see time as the safety net below you.
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