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Thanks to all who joined us for the celebration of our 20th Anniversary on March 1. It was such fun to see old friends and hear stories about the past, present, and future of the HSD community. They asked me to talk about how things have changed since 2003 when the Institute was founded. It would be easier to list the things that stayed the same, I am afraid. On the other hand, there are patterns and trends that have shifted the self-organizing processes of our community of praxis. 
Collaborate to Create Community
No two HSD Associates is the same. Each one recreates the HSD vision in a unique alchemy of passion, context, commitment, and capacity. Each in our own way, we bring the HSD vision to life every day:
Build Adaptive Capacity
As I watered my plants today, I marveled again at their regenerative power. All they need is dirt, water, and sun, and they get bigger and healthier over time. Some of them don’t even need dirt, but that is a different story. Even the orchid, who holds back for months, surprises with blossoms when I least expect it.
Build Adaptive Capacity
“Nothing is Intractable.” That’s the tagline on the HSD website. It’s the footer in our stationery. It’s on the first slide of every PowerPoint deck we create. We believe it’s true. And we continue to get questions about how that’s possible when life is so complex.  
February 2, 2023 Everyone I meet feels unsettled about the future. Climate change and economic instability, personal health and racial justice, global pandemic and political upheaval drive conversations and distort dreams of what is to come. How do we prepare for a future we cannot predict or control? Adaptive Action! WHAT are the current patterns and what possibilities hide there? SO WHAT can our collective experience and intelligence teach us?  NOW WHAT are options for action today to create the tomorrow we desire? Join the HSD Community to explore what is possible when we: see patterns clearly, seek to understand, and act with courage to transform turbulence and uncertainty into possibility for all.
Teaching & LearningBuild Adaptive Capacity
Think of the last time you created a new tool that worked in a surprising and gratifying way. Or think of your most recent “Eureka!” moment as you resolved a thorny issue. Did you think, “I should share this with colleagues!”? And then, when you made time to sit down to write about it, did the words refuse to come?  If you are like either one of us, it’s not just that words wouldn’t come! You couldn’t figure out how to start, what needed to be said as your core message, or how to bring it to a close!
Manage Strategic Change
In the last decade, we have experienced unprecedented change. Our world has increased in ambiguity and uncertainty. Progress in such a world must be based in Inquiry. But in the face of such complexity, how can you even know the questions to ask? In today’s blog post, Royce offers suggestions for Inquiring directly into the complex nature of your world.
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