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How do you know when you do a good job? Customers are satisfied. You complete on time. The cost is within budget. You meet stated requirements or specifications. You feel proud and satisfied. You get more work of the same kind or better from the same clients or their referrals.
Teaching & LearningPlan in Uncertainty
December 4, 2014 What? challenges are woven into assessing complex learning? So what? evidence of those patterns affects HSD Professional Certification? Now what? have we done to respond? And Now what? questions remain?
Manage Strategic Change
Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) helps you see, understand, and influence the patterns of interaction and decision making that shape your world. Over the past three months, I have introduced and explored a set of principles that help you understand change in the complexity of human systems. These principles use the essence of HSD to offer options for understanding and taking action as you navigate change in complex systems.
I wrote this after discussing with one of my empathy buddies, Rodger Sorrow, his anguish about events in Ferguson, MO, and reading Miki Kashtan's call to action on the CNVC certified trainers' email list.
In 2014, the HSD community came together to share their HSD stories at the Navigating Complexity Conference. This video tells the tale.
Everyone knows something about human systems dynamics. Anyone who succeeds in business or society knows how to interact with complex human systems.  They are able to see patterns, make sense of them, and choose.
Build Adaptive Capacity
November 6, 2014 Glenda Eoyang explores patterns. What? generates patterns in complexity? So what? options for action emerge? Now what? can you do to see and/or create coherence in chaos?
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