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In a recent post on GOOD, Andrea Lo, founder and CEO of Piggybackr, talked about preparing today's youth to face the uncertainty of the world as they enter the workforce. She described a world where not only is it likely that there will be fewer jobs, but many of the jobs that will exist haven't even been conceived of yet. It was an interesting article, and she pointed to a number of organizations that are committed to helping students build skills to create the work of the next generation. And that is a GOOD thing. 
It is six o’clock in the morning, and your teenage son is not home yet. Your doctor calls you in after a routine exam. There is a natural disaster near the home of friends or relatives on the other side of town, the nation, or the globe. It is your turn to make a presentation to the executive committee. New legislation or regulations for your industry are in the making. Even as I write these sentences, I am aware of tension in my shoulders and butterflies in my stomach. How do you feel as you read them?
PhilanthropyCollaborate to Create Community
In the West, families and governments worry about the personal and economic issues of an aging population.  In India, the challenge is quite different, and the difference is both exciting and overwhelming. The population in India and the other BRIK nations is young and getting younger. You can feel the energy and experience the innovation that come with youth, but policies and practices stretch to meet the needs and match the passions of emerging leaders. 
In her book Daring Greatly, Brené Brown defines vulnerability as risk, uncertainty, and emotional exposure. Through her research on the topic and examination of her own struggles, she provides provocative and promising stories on why understanding and working with vulnerability can remove constraints and lead to great personal transformation.
Collaborate to Create Community
For the past week, I've been visiting friends, colleagues, and potential partners in Delhi. This has proven to be an intense experience of one of the HSD simple rules "teach and learn in every interaction." I leave with a profound sense of respect for people who see opportunity emerging from challenge, consensus emerging from diversity, and actual change emerging from the potential of hope and passion.
Lead in Complexity
From the Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire: The Creating Good Work series features contributions from some of the foremost social innovators in the world, writing about what is being built to shift those social issues that often feel so intractable.
Rooted in the study of chaos and complexity, Adaptive Action introduces a simple, common-sense process that will guide you and your organization into reflective action.
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