Nothing is Intractable

Find your next wise action.
What is HSD? Field of study that explores how humans live, work, and pay together in families, organizations, and communities.
Practice of HSD Exploration of patterns of human inquiry, decision making, and action as they deal with their most intractable challenges and issues.
Take Action Use HSD to explain your challenges in ways that lead you to informed, productive action so that nothing is intractable.

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Lead Change: Innovate, Assess and SustainOnline

September 26 – November 17
The AMEE-ESME Lead Change: Innovate, Assess and Sustain course is a partnership with the Human Systems Dynamics Institute that offers a way to achieve successful educational collaboration in complex and uncertain circumstances.

HSD Adaptive Action Lab - Build Your Resilience: Thrive in the Midst of ChaosOnline

October 19
Join us for this highly interactive and engaging online course that will strengthen your resilience and help you thrive in the midst of the chaos of your life.

HSD Adaptive Action Coaching LabOnline

November 1
Human ​Systems ​Dynamics ​Institute ​is ​offering ​coaching ​training ​rooted ​in ​complexity ​and ​social ​sciences. ​Adaptive ​Action ​Coaching ​provides ​new ​and ​different ​ways ​for ​you ​and ​your ​clients ​to ​see ​issues ​and ​create ​change . . .

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This extract from Eoyang's dissertation gives the foundation for the CDE Model of Conditions for Self-Organizing in Human Systems.
The CDE Model explains the three system conditions that influence the speed, path, and direction of self-organizing systems. The conditions shape the patterns that make up the reality of your world.