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GovernmentManage Strategic Change
In this essay, Glenda Eoyang will explore paths of Adaptive Action to counteract propaganda.
GovernmentPlan in Uncertainty
In HSD, we teach people to see patterns in complex situations, and to understand them in true and useful ways. The goal is to make choices and take actions that shift those patterns toward greater health and wellbeing—away from oppression.
GovernmentManage Strategic Change
After you have mapped your system—or even parts of your system—many questions will emerge. So what does this map mean? So what can I learn from it?
Business & IndustryManage Strategic Change
What does time mean to you? Are you chasing it, or is it chasing you? How do you mark the passage of time? How are you marked by time? In this week's HSD blog, Glenda Eoyang shares her thoughts on time .
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