Thanks for the past, the present, and the expanding future!

In this time of giving thanks, we want to extend our deepest gratitude for a year full of learning and growth. 2019 has been exciting for the Human Systems Dynamics Institute and the HSD Community of Praxis. We engaged in Strategic Foresight to explore HSD’s future and impact on the world in 2051. Thanks to all who have, and those who will, join us on this journey.

We wove a new HSD vision:

People everywhere thrive
because we see patterns clearly,
seek to understand, and
act with courage to
transform turbulence and uncertainty into possibility.

We also revised our HSD Simple Rules to focus on action in the world of the future:

  • Engage in inquiry
  • Leverage the energy in difference
  • Create coherence in the part, the whole, and the greater whole
  • Search for what is true and useful
  • Connect with stories and impacts
  • Choose joyful practice

As we look toward the future, we also invest to bring that future into the present. This year, we have:

  • Expanded our social media presence. Thanks, Jen, Barb, and Ivaylo!
  • Explored HSD sustainability in the coming Age of Uncertainty. Thanks, members of our Generative Board!
  • Launched HSD Professional certification into a totally on-line design. Thanks, Royce!
  • Joined the Advisory Board for Centre of Excellence in Leadership. Thanks Fraser Health Authority in Vancouver, BC!
  • Shared our HSD story at Eastern Mennonite University; Sioo; CDM; American Evaluation Association; and many online podcasts and interviews. Thanks to our partners in all these communities of research and action!
  • Co-hosted a gathering of complexity scholars, practitioners, and scholar/practitioners in Washington, DC, to explore the impact Complexity in Human Systems could have on the world of the future. Thanks, Dave and Sonja!
  • Delved into the Implications-Wheel and Mentimeter to explore the future with the HSD Community of Practice. Thanks, Laura!
  • Engaged our online community with a whole range of topics in Live Virtual Workshops and Adaptive Action Labs. Thanks, Thrival!
  • Called upon long-time HSD Associates to co-lead HSDP certification programs. Thanks, Jen, Mary, and Griff!
  • Supported members of the HSD Community of Praxis as they used HSD principles, models, and methods to transform turbulence and uncertainty in their worlds. Thanks, friends and colleagues!
  • Continued our strategic partnerships with Roffey Park Institute, Royal Roads University, Association for Medical Education in Europe; North Star of Texas Writing Project, Authentic Leadership Centre at Naropa University. Thanks to these and all our Partners!
  • Wrestled with wicked issues of:

Agile Software

Agricultural Research

Change Management




Financial Services


Health Care

Health Professions


Human Rights





Social Services


  • Met and learned from fun and interesting people in:










Phnom  Penh


Sao Paulo

St. Paul




Washington DC


Plans are evolving for a 2020 that continues these adventures and launches a few more. But, before we dive into the New Year, we are going to pause to take a breath. For the month of December, we are going to strengthen our containers, reduce our differences, and slow down some of our exchanges. You will see less of us in your mailbox or on social media. We have cancelled the Live Virtual Workshop and Quarterly Virtual Mini-Conference for December, but we’ll still be open for business and happy to hear from you.

One exception: Laura and Royce are still planning to hold their Adaptive Action Lab on Collaboration, December 17, 18, 20. Learn more about it and register here.

Do stay in touch. Enjoy your holiday season, however you celebrate. And look forward with us to a New Year filled with opportunities to transform turbulence and uncertainty into possibility!  

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