In the complexity that makes up your life, it is easy to use the differences that are important to you to describe or define the uniqueness of groups and individuals. Differences can be the energy points for significant change. Your challenges often arise, however, when those dividing lines of difference serve only to separate and divide. You find that groups, teams, and communities can become insular and find it difficult to work together. At the same time, when your world is so diverse, you recognize the value gained when teams, organizations, and communities learn to share resources, perspectives, and talents to enrich their opportunities.

Human systems dynamics (HSD) offers a path for supporting and sustaining deep collaboration that leverages all contributions, rather than building on a few. In this HSD Adaptive Action Lab, bring your toughest collaboration issue to use HSD to shape patterns of collaboration for powerful action, create connections that sustain those collaborations over time, and then allow them to dissipate gracefully when their work is done. Learn to frame networks to reach across divisive differences to come together in shared meaning and shared work. Join us to step into a new way of connecting for collaboration.

Faculty & Coaches

Laura Williams, MPA, HSDP
Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP
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