Live the HSD Vision: Adaptive Action Labs to See, Understand, and Transform

Each year at this time, we plan the Adaptive Action Labs (AALabs) for the next year. We consider a number of factors in selecting the topics. What challenges are clients talking about? What questions do we hear from Associates? Which of the AALabs has been successful in the past, and which ones should be put aside for a year or two? Ultimately, after these questions, the anchor we always come back to is this: What topics will best help individuals and groups live out the HSD Vision?

People everywhere thrive because
we see patterns clearly,
we seek to understand, and
we transform turbulence and uncertainty
into possibility for all.

We have a strong slate of AALab opportunities for 2023. Some are offerings from previous years. Some are new topics. Each of them can be explored from multiple perspectives. You can approach the issues from your personal perspective. You may see the issue in your community or at your workplace. As you know, in human systems dynamics, you can explore your wicked issues at any of these scales. The AALabs are designed to help you focus on your area of greatest need and interest.

I am excited to announce that one of the AALabs is not just a new topic. It’s a different approach than we have offered in the past. In January 2023, we thought it might be interesting to offer an AALab to help people consider their New Year’s Resolutions through a lens of HSD. The Lab is titled, Your New Year’s Resolution: A Year of Adaptive Action and Personal Change.

It’s designed with two goals in mind. First, we want to explore the idea that New Year’s Resolutions are about patterns you want to change. In fact, those patterns are some of your most personal wicked issues. They emerge out of the complexity of your life and can be addressed using HSD perspectives, models, and methods. Ultimately, those patterns have formed in response to the shifting conditions in your life. So you can’t just find one “fix” and think you are done. Changing complex patterns requires ongoing cycles of Adaptive Action. HSD-informed tools help you see, understand, and act with courage, as you transform your wicked issues into new possibilities for change.

Second, we are offering this AALab as a year-long exploration and focus on the changes you want to bring about. In January, we will launch with a traditional AALab. In two, 3-hour sessions, we will explore the patterns you want to change and use HSD tools to begin your personal journey. Then February through December, we will meet in monthly, 90-minute, online, group sessions to talk about our progress. We will learn new tools and concepts when we need to. Most importantly, we will provide each other support and encouragement to maintain momentum for change.

Join us for this year-long journey. Make 2023 the year you transform old patterns. See those patterns as they occur, understand their impact on your quality of life, and act with courage to respond in healthier and more sustainable ways.

This is definitely a new kind of Adaptive Action Lab, and it’s priced differently to allow for the additional time together. But perhaps this is the year you will be able to shift the patterns that hold your old habits in place. Join us for this year-long experience in shared exploration and learning.

The following is a list of all the public Adaptive Action Labs we are offering in 2023. How many of them will you join?

Note: all sessions are scheduled for 12 pm - 3 pm, Central Time. Please adapt for your local time zone.

*We still offer a 30% discount for HSD Associates, academics, non-profits, government employees, and teams of 3 or more people.

These labs and their descriptions will be posted on our website starting on Monday, December 5, 2022. Check them out and register for all of them that sound interesting. Be in touch and let me know if you have questions!


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