What is an Adaptive Action Lab?

An Adaptive Action Lab (AA Lab) brings the best of consulting and training into a single event. It is a work session, as opposed to a training session. As a participant, you define and work on your most intractable challenge. Then you learn about human systems dynamics (HSD) as you apply your new learning to frame your challenge in a way that points to your best next wise action. You leave the session with two tangible outcomes. First, you have a clear plan for moving forward in your challenge. Second, you carry with you a new perspective and effective models and methods that help you address your next challenge.

Join us in an AA Lab to learn how HSD can help you leverage the complexity of your challenges to create powerful energy for change.

Upcoming Adaptive Action Labs

Explore the Changing Face and Function of Facilitation in Complex Landscapes

March 23, 26, 2020 (US) | March 24, 27, 2020 (NZ) | 4p - 7p (cst) | 10a - 1p (nzdt)

Explore the changing face and function of facilitation in today’s complex landscapes.

Essential Skills in Action

March 31 - May 26, 2020 | Online

As a medical educator, you use what you know to help your students develop into successful professionals. The path is not always smooth and easy. You work in complex systems that are sometimes beyond your control. You try to collaborate with partners and colleagues as you implement learning environments and experiences. You adapt to the unique and changing needs of patients, students, and preceptors. You assess knowledge and skills and provide feedback to improve performance. All of these challenges depend on your knowledge and skills, but they also depend on your ability to apply those skills to make decisions and take action in constantly changing, complex situations.

Adaptive Action Coaching

April 21, 23, 2020 | 12p - 3p (cdt) | 5p - 8p (utc) | Online

​Engage and support your clients in their own cycles of Adaptive Action.

Practical Leadership 3.0: Leading in Complexity

April 28 - September 29, 2020 | 10a - 11:30a (cdt) | 3p - 4:30p (utc)

What keeps you awake at night? No matter how good you are, if you're a leader, you have some sticky problems that don't go away when the lights go out. Conflicts erupt on your team. Your board is not engaged enough, or too engaged. Cashflow; turnover; strategy; political or community concerns can all present challenges that require thoughtful and adaptive leadership.

Navigate Complex Change

June 23, 26, 2020 | 12p - 3p (cdt) | 5p - 8p (utc) | Online

Understand and navigate the challenges of change.

Simple Narrative to Explore Complex Challenges

August 25, 28, 2020 | 12p - 3p (cdt) | 5p - 8p (utc) | Online

Invite your audience to step into and make sense of the complexity that shapes their world.

Consulting in Complex Systems

October 27, 30, 2020 | 12p - 3p (cdt) | 5p - 8p (utc) | Online

Support your clients in dealing with the complexity of their workplace or community.

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