Glenda Eoyang, founder of the field of HSD, hosts free, online Virtual Workshops (webinars) every month. Covering topics from health care to education reform to world peace, she draws on current events, global opportunities and concerns, and local actions. You will be invited to stand in inquiry about some of today’s most salient and intractable questions. Join us on the first Thursday of each month (except January and July) at 11a - 12p Central. Register, even if you cannot attend, and you will receive a link to the archive recording to view at your leisure.

Each quarter, we hold a gathering where members of the HSD Community share how they are using HSD in their work, in their homes, or in their communities. Join us for these 60-minute sessions, 12p - 1p Central, that highlight and celebrate the patterns of diverse applications and deep innovations that HSD Professionals are creating in the world.

2023 Live Virtual Workshops and HSD Community Commons

Power of Questions: Inquiry Really Can Be the Answer!

October 5, 2023

In times of chaos and confusion, a good question will serve you much better than any answer. Answers shift and deceive, while questions keep you open to learning and adaptation.

In this workshop, we will explore two powerful practices that will help you and your teams stay in adaptive inquiry. This virtual workshop is for anyone who is ready to thrive in whatever future emerges.

Decision Making for an Emergent Future

November 2, 2023

We all know a simple, structured process for making decisions. We also know when and how that process fails. The simple step-by-step falls apart when change is fast, information is unreliable, and perspectives are multiple. In the 1990s decision scientists named the “garbage can” approach to explain the real world of decision making in action, but this random approach is not fast or robust enough to respond to challenges today or tomorrow. 

HSD acknowledges the complex and emergent dynamics of decision making and provides a tool to help make it explicit and reasonable. This session introduces the Decision Map and gives you a chance to practice using it on your own most wicked challenges, whether you are new to HSD or have been using HSD at home, at work, or at play.

See, Understand, and Influence: CDE Model in Action

December 7, 2023

Three conditions influence the path, speed, and outcome of self-organizing processes. When you see the three conditions, you can understand the current patterns as they emerge at any level of human experience. When you understand the patterns, you can take action to alter the conditions. When you alter the conditions, you shift the pattern as it emerges. 

This Live Virtual Workshop is a master class in using the CDE Model to see, understand, and influence the complex contexts in which you work and play.

HSD Community Commons

December 21, 2023

The Community Commons meetings provide an opportunity for HSD folks to:

  • Talk about their HSD Praxis
  • Learn through interacting and practicing with HSD tools
  • Test ideas, get feedback, and gather advice
  • Engage in "so-what" through Power of Questions, brainstorming, open discussion, etc.

This will be a space for reconnecting with the HSD community, to make the ongoing bridge between theory and practice, create opportunities for possible future collaborations, and have fun!

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