April 25, 2017
Western Michigan University

The Battle Creek Community Foundation, in partnership with Western Michigan University, Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine, has named Dr. Glenda Eoyang to the Sherwood B Winslow M.D. Distinguished Lectureship. On April 25, 2017 she will speak on The Infinite Game: Medicine for the 21st Century.

Mission: To foster education among health care leaders in Calhoun County.

Purpose: To strengthen the understanding of health care and lead to enhanced health care decision-making for the community.

We seek:

  • To bring top-level health-focused speakers and educators to the greater Battle Creek Community
  • To build relationships among health care professionals and their organizations
  • To share knowledge that can lead to more cooperative and informed health care decision-making
  • To gain information to help create superior clinicians and improved medical procedures

Background on Sherwood B. Winslow, MD Distinguished Lectureship

Sherwood B. Winslow was a prominent physician in Battle Creek, where he was Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery at Leila Y. Post Montgomery Hospital where he initiated the surgical intern training program with the surgery department of the University of Michigan Hospital from 1947-1963. He was also Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery for Community Hospital. Dr. Winslow was President of the Michigan Chapter of the American College of Surgeons and on the Board of Directors of the America College of Surgeons, President of the Frederick A. Collier Surgical Society, and President of the Calhoun Medical Society. He participated in and served many community organizations and hospital boards. He was an inductee into the first Battle Creek Health System Hall of Fame in 2009 (posthumously).

As a tribute to honor his longtime friend, Norman Williamson, Jr. the grandson of W.K. Kellogg created a special endowed fund at the Battle Creek Community Foundation. 

The funds would be used to hold the Sherwood B. Winslow, MD Distinguished Lectureship. Each year, since 1988, a well-respected speaker has been invited to Battle Creek to provide an insightful, though-provoking lecture to physicians, allied health professionals, community members and family members of Dr. Sherwood B. Winslow. Gifts and other contributions help assure the continuation and expansion of this outstanding health care lecture series for Battle Creek and the region.

The goal for future lectureships is that through the involvement of the Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine (WMed), and the Calhoun County Medical Society the lectureship would be elevated and expanded to provide Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits to a larger audience of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants attending the lectureship.

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