May 2, 2017
Roffey Park Institute | Horsham, West Sussex UK

As leaders how do we discern what’s going on around us and decide on a response? How do we connect with others to create effective collaborations? We usually turn to methods strongly tied to what we’ve seen work before; we use accepted models of markets, economics, organization design, planning, teamwork and so on, on the assumption that the present is merely a speeded-up version of the past. It is indeed faster, but it’s also very much more interconnected and interdependent, and contexts which were relatively isolated are now open to many more influences. In short, the present is complex: answers have a shorter shelf-life, and methods which used to work, no longer seem to.

In the latest of Roffey Park’s OD Masterclass series, Dr Glenda Eoyang, of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute and Griff Griffiths, Associate of Roffey Park Institute, will address this issue from their perspective and methodology. Human Systems Dynamics views leadership and collaboration as a continuous process of seeing, understanding and influencing patterns of structure and behaviour. The masterclass will explore the practice and underlying theory of HSD, and provide participants with models and methods they can use immediately.

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