Tuesday, February 6 – Friday, March 30, 2018

Lead Change: Innovate, Assess and Sustain directly addresses the major challenges and wicked problems in medical and other health professions that hold your attention every day and influence the focus the distribution of your time and resources as educators and practitioners. The Lead Change Course provides proven practical approaches to answer key questions: 

  • How do you perceive, understand and work with leadership in an increasingly uncertain health education and practice environment?

  • How do you understand and influence health practitioner teams to succeed and groups to learn and work better together?

  • How does leadership stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment?  

  • How do you continue to improve what is working well at your institution and in your practices and give attention to necessary improvements?

These wicked health professions problems have been resistant to traditional leadership solutions, theories and practices. The Lead Change: Innovate, Assess and Sustain Course breaks through this barrier to show you how to:

  • Design when you can’t decide 

  • Create when you can’t control

  • Explore when you can’t explain

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