September 12, 2017

You sharpen your professional edge when you explore new ideas with others and build capacity to apply new learning in real-time practice. That kind of learning requires an ecology of support, engagement, and focus that identifies cogent questions and fosters ongoing exploration and application of new ideas. Human systems dynamics offers cutting-edge perspectives, models, and methods to set conditions for such a deep learning ecology.

Learning Deep: Tools to Grow a Professional Learning Ecology is a series of four two-hour online sessions designed to help you and other busy educators address three central challenges to professional learning communities.

  • Connect professional learning directly to student achievement
  • Find an authentic focus to serve both individual and collective goals for professional learning
  • Sustain engagement and productivity over time
  • Support change at all areas of the school and district through professional learning

The Adaptive Action Lab includes:

  • Four online sessions (10 hours total) starting September 12 and concluding September 26, 2017
  • Printed resource: Deep Learning Ecologies: An Invitation to Complex Teaching and Learnings by Leslie Patterson and Royce Holladay
  • Guided and independent practice of new skills and concepts in your own challenges and context

Who should attend?

All educators interested in developing deep and authentic learning with colleagues

Sessions will be hosted on, and a link will be sent prior to the first class. All sessions are recorded and made available to you, in case you are unable to attend. It is beneficial to participate live, but we know you have busy schedules!

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