April 5 at 10:13 PM, 2024

Gathering 2024

How do we create a future where people everywhere thrive?

We are all increasingly living under the dominant narrative of collapse and confusion, crisis and cruelty. Yes, we face challenges in the future as technology, climate, economics, and social structures pass through turbulent transformation, but we do not have to be stuck in those intractable problems.

We can leverage the power of possibility in complex human systems dynamics to:

  • Set conditions for communities and institutions to create and leverage “islands of coherence” —spaces of clarity, understanding, and action—even in the middle of chaos and confusion.
  • Find shared stories that inspire collective action, without denying the truth of any competing claim.
  • Choose courageous action, even when we cannot predict or control the future.
  • Get beyond our own judgment, conflict, defensiveness, and assumptions.

We know there is no single solution to the many, overwhelming problems that humanity faces today. We also know that there are an infinite number of “next wise actions” to nudge current patterns toward patterns of possibility.

This is an invitation to join a global community as we exchange ideas, learn from one another, and collectively contribute to adaptive solutions to complex issues. Bring your questions and curiosity, challenges and opportunities, stories, and wisdom. 

Join the HSD Gathering 2024 to:

  • Expand the power of human systems dynamics theory and practice to spark adaptive solutions and illuminate opportunities.
  • Engage with a global community of changemakers as we co-create an energizing “new” together.
  • Share stories about what happens when you see patterns clearly, seek to understand, and act with courage to shift the patterns that have you and your community stuck.
  • Create a thriving future by using what you have, to do what you can, wherever you are.
  • Plan your next wise action to transform the turbulence and uncertainty of your world into possibility for all.
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