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Your organization’s environment gets more challenging every day, as rapidly changing markets, policies, demographics, and environmental realities make it difficult to see the best path forward. These challenges also affect the needs of your stakeholders, clients, and customers. Whatever sector you work in, the challenges are shaped by the uncertainty and unpredictability of the 21st century.

Collaboration across organizations, disciplines, and even markets has been a response to these ever increasing challenges. Potential partners invite you to connect for collective action, information sharing, and community-level impact. These kinds of connections are essential, but they are not easy. They bring the tension and conflict of different missions, histories, cultures, priorities, and stakeholder communities. What does it mean to reach across those differences to relate, collaborate, and co-create?

Human systems dynamics (HSD) offers a path for supporting and sustaining deep collaboration. In this HSD Adaptive Action Lab, we invite you to discover that path by bringing your toughest collaboration issue to work on in real time. You will:

  • Learn to share resources by leveraging all contributions, rather than building on a few.
  • Use the energy of different perspectives and talents to co-create organizational structures, agreements, and outreach.
  • Use HSD to shape patterns of collaboration for powerful action.
  • Create connections that sustain those collaborations over time and then shift gracefully when the work is done.

Nothing is intractable. Join us to step into a new path toward collaboration, co-creation, and sustainable impact that can lead to thriving in the 21st century. We’ll meet online for 3, two-hour sessions on December 17, 18, and 20, at 12n - 2p CST. And we look forward to having you there with us.

Faculty & Coaches

Laura Williams, MPA, HSDP
Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP
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