The future of humanity and the earth will emerge from a complex adaptive system of complex adaptive systems! In this Adaptive Action Lab, we explore the intersection of two of the most significant: Wellbeing and Economy. Each of these is massively complex, and they are intimately intertwined in the lives of people, institutions, and communities. They are both critical to the HSD vision “people everywhere thrive” and to the work of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WeAll)

We are honored and pleased to partner with Stewart Wallis OBE, Chair of WE All. Stewart will share stories of his experience as a leader and thought leader for international development, including some of the most difficult and most hopeful moments. Glenda will share HSD theory and practice in Adaptive Action to facilitate shifting patterns toward an economic ecosystem that supports thriving of people and planet. 

In dialogue with our audience, we will explore:

  • WHAT are the patterns we desire, and what constraints keep us stuck?
  • SO WHAT models and methods can inform action to shift economic patterns toward wellbeing?
  • NOW WHAT can we do—as individuals, professionals, and citizens—to create a future where everyone—and the earth—thrive?

Faculty & Coaches

Glenda Eoyang, PhD, HSDP
Stewart Wallis
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