Free Online Event | Hosted by Carla Blanquier and Becca Peterson

HSD is readying itself to move into its future, and we are experimenting with ways to connect deeply within the community and keep learning together. As part of this adaptive action approach, we are inviting all practitioners and the HSD-curious to join us in a series of six gatherings exploring a core HSD concept, Simple Rules. Each gathering can stand alone and will also weave into each other, allowing us to journey deeper together as a community of practitioner-learners.

So What?
We will meet for 60 minutes every three weeks (dates below) to consider and discuss:

  • How do you use the Simple Rules in your own life? Where do you see them in action in your world?
  • How can these principles help us shape the communities to which we belong moving forward?

Come prepared to share your stories, to listen to others’, and to learn together! Join us when you can or commit to the whole series - you’ll be glad you did (and we will be glad to see you!).

Schedule of Events

  • Stand in inquiry | Feb 21, 11am CST
    • Turn judgment into curiosity
    • Turn conflict into shared exploration
    • Turn defensiveness into self-reflection
    • Turn assumptions into questions
  • Find the energy in difference | Mar 13, 11 am CDT
  • Zoom in and zoom out | Apr 3, 11am CDT
  • Connect through stories and impacts | Apr 25, 11am CDT
  • Search for the true and useful | May 15, 11am CDT
  • Celebrate life | Jun 5, 11am CDT
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