It is hard enough for one person to make sense of our complex world. Bringing a group together in collective sense making often seems intractable. In the HSD community, we are convinced that “nothing is intractable,” and collective sensemaking is no exception. We joined experts from the worlds of sensemaking, platform technology, and organization development to develop and support the praxis of Active Sensemaking

We are happy to make this approach available in the form of an Adaptive Action course. We are offering it to an extended community of people who, like you:

  • Collect and analyze data to discern the hopes and expectations of large groups of people
  • Evaluate complex, emergent processes that engage individuals and communities
  • Assess systems change over extended time and contexts
  • Want to see, understand, and influence patterns of sensemaking for individuals, teams, organizations, and communities
  • Engage in curiosity with groups of people whose outlooks, needs, or cultures you do not understand

The topics and focus of the course will speak directly to the issues of program evaluators, market analysts, community activists, politicians, leaders, and public-policy makers.  

Please join us for Leap with Active Sensemaking to see what is possible. You will develop practical skills as you apply Active Sensemaking in real-world scenarios, using the innovative platform. You will gain skills and understanding in:

  • Theoretical Grounding: Explore the interconnected elements of human systems, from social and cultural beliefs to personal experiences and situational dynamics.
  • Community Engagement: Understand and shape communities by locating deep patterns of meaning by gathering and analyzing narratives.
  • Sustainable Transformative Change: Master the art of creating meaningful, lasting change in complex systems and ecologies.

The program begins with a two-day, online intensive session on February 29 and March 1. It continues with online individual and small-group coaching sessions over three months, while you design, develop, test, and deploy your own Active Sensemaking engine.

If this sounds interesting or intriguing, there are four ways to explore the possibilities:

We look forward to exploring with you to shift the intractable pattern of collective sensemaking.

Warmly and with hopes for a generative New Year! Glenda

Faculty & Coaches

Dr. Glenda Eoyang
Dr. CarrieLynn Reinhard
Barrett Horne
Ajay Reddy
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