Leaders set conditions for others to be successful. In HSD, we know this kind of leadership happens anywhere in the system. Formal and informal leaders set conditions for success for those around them. Anyone in the system can deal with multiple forces that drive their work. They address increasing diversity. They use what they know about the past to inform today’s actions to shape the future. Human systems dynamics (HSD) offers models and methods for leaders who want to shape success for themselves and others. In an HSD Leadership Adaptive Action Lab, you will:

  • Define your role as leader in your complex adaptive system
  • Understand and use competing forces to make wise decisions
  • Use Adaptive Action to set conditions for success for yourself and others
  • Develop a plan for setting conditions for success in your world

The executive suite is no longer considered the only source of organizational success. In today’s landscape, leaders have differing roles and levels of accountability for helping others be successful. HSD teaches fundamental assumptions about what leaders must do.

Understand your system. In a complex system, the best you can do is ensure responsiveness and adaptability. With HSD, focus on action in the moment to shape a future you want.

Find your next wise action. HSD models and methods inform your Adaptive Action planning. They help you make meaning of information you have to inform your next action.

Consider multiple forces that shape your world. Decisions about how to deal with those forces are rarely either/or propositions. You must explore nuances to make choices in “gray” areas. You find the sweet spot that offers best fit in your particular situation.

The actions you take every day set conditions for those around you. HSD helps you support individual and organizational growth and success. In this Lab, you will engage with experts in HSD to practice on your own most sticky issues, and build a new community of others who have similar concerns. You will use HSD to consider your most intractable challenge and find your next wise action.

It ​is ​beneficial ​to ​participate ​live, ​but ​we ​know ​you ​have ​busy ​schedules! All sessions will be hosted on Zoom.us, and ​are ​recorded ​and ​made ​available ​to ​you, in case ​you ​are ​unable ​to ​attend. The recordings are not shared with anyone who is not enrolled in the course. ​For more information contact info@hsdinstitute.org.

Faculty & Coaches

Glenda Eoyang, PhD, HSDP
Jennifer Jones-Patulli, MA, HSDP
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