Traditional ideas of leadership have carried connotations of power, position, and privilege. In your complex world today, real leadership is about building adaptive capacity. When you have capacity to 1) see the patterns in your world; 2) understand the dynamics of those patterns; and 3) take powerful action to shift those patterns, you are a leader. And that is true, regardless of where you stand in the organization. You have capacity to lead from wherever you are.

Human systems dynamics (HSD) offers a methodology of leadership that recognizes every person’s opportunity and responsibility for leadership. In this Adaptive Action Lab, you will use Adaptive Action, Pattern Logic, and Inquiry to take wise action through the most challenging and complex issues.  Bring your most wicked leadership issue and leave with next wise actions for yourself, your team, your organization, or your community.

Faculty & Coaches

Jennifer Jones-Patulli, MA, HSDP
Toine-Pascal van der Doelen, BSc, HSDP
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