As a medical educator, you use what you know to help your students develop into successful professionals. The path is not always smooth and easy. You work in complex systems that are sometimes beyond your control. You try to collaborate with partners and colleagues as you implement learning environments and experiences. You adapt to the unique and changing needs of patients, students, and preceptors. You assess knowledge and skills and provide feedback to improve performance. All of these challenges depend on your knowledge and skills, but they also depend on your ability to apply those skills to make decisions and take action in constantly changing, complex situations.

In this course, you apply what you learn to turn these and your other challenges into opportunities. You will be guided through Adaptive Action Experiments where you use your new skills and knowledge to find innovative solutions to the problems you face today and prepare for problems you cannot predict in the future.  

The course is delivered over 8 weeks and has 4 modules:

  • Working at the edge of uncertainty
  • Working better together
  • Finding the fix that fits
  • Making the good better

​The content for each module is structured to highlight challenges associated with translating specific skills from the ESME foundation course into practice, and encourages participants to work on overcoming these. Participation in ESME / ESMEonline is not a prerequisite although those looking for a foundational course in teaching skills should consider studying this first.

Faculty & Coaches

Stewart Mennin, PhD, HSDP
Mary Nations, MSt, MSOD, HSDP
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