In the 21st century, diversity is a given. Diversity of ideas, culture, experience, and information contributes to the complexity of your world. Individuals and groups stretch to the breaking point. They work to accommodate, respond to, and integrate this diversity into the fabric of their systems. Human systems dynamics (HSD) offers an approach for leveraging difference to create more meaningful engagements. In an HSD Diversity and Inclusion Adaptive Action Lab, you will:

  • Explore identity, power, and voice to understand human interactions across difference
  • Leverage tensions across those differences
  • Create cultures of inclusion
  • Build your own plan for dealing with issues you face today

Historically “inclusion and diversity” has been relegated to a specialized department, generally assigned to Human Resources functions. Often their job is to provide training about protected classes and prohibited behaviors, as defined in regulation and law. That is an important role in today’s landscape. At the same time, today’s diversity calls for individuals across your system to understand differences that exist. Only then can they leverage them to benefit the whole system. In HSD, we work across difference.

Set conditions for inclusion. There are no hard-and-fast rules for working across diversity. People need to see into the dynamics of difference and set conditions for generative, productive engagements.

Use differences for the good of the system. If you tend to focus on similarities that draw you together, but the result is that you can miss rich opportunities difference offers. In HSD, you see the possibility in difference and leverage it for powerful contributions.

Build this capacity in all members of a system. Each person in your organization, all members of your family, and every individual in your community can help to shape conditions for a culture of inclusive productivity.

In HSD, we believe inclusion is the job of each individual, whatever their role or ability. In this Lab, work with HSD experts as you explore your issues of inclusion and build those capacities for yourself and with others.

It ​is ​beneficial ​to ​participate ​live, ​but ​we ​know ​you ​have ​busy ​schedules! All sessions will be hosted on, and ​are ​recorded ​and ​made ​available ​to ​you, in case ​you ​are ​unable ​to ​attend. The recordings are not shared with anyone who is not enrolled in the course. ​For more information contact

Faculty & Coaches

Jennifer Jones-Patulli, MA, HSDP
Mary Nations, MSt, MSOD, HSDP
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