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Your narratives—the stories you tell about your world and your life—represent your experience in the world. They frame your expectations and assumptions. They motivate and inform action in all areas of your life. But in the today’s turbulent world your old, simple narratives are not enough; they cannot capture your past you remember or the future you hope for. Sometimes, existing narratives lock you into patterns of the past rather than your emerging future. On the other hand, powerful narrative can explore the complexity you face today and inform your next wise action. It can inspire new perspectives and innovative responses. It can help you move beyond today and discover tomorrow. 

HSD helps expand your narrative to build a rich tapestry to explain your past and inform your next wise action. You can leverage the complexity in everyday challenges and successes. This AALab gives you tools to weave your stories into your unique and engaging tapestry. This AALab is recommended for individuals who want to work on personal narratives and those who support organizational change by creating more powerful change narratives.

In this AALab, you will:

  • See and understand your complex experiences
  • Use that understanding to create powerful narratives that can inform, inspire, and motivate
  • Weave your stories together to leverage the complexity to inform future action
  • Use a complex narrative to help yourself and others navigate a surprising and uncertain world

Faculty & Coaches

Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP
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