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For many, the COVID-19 pandemic introduces profound and complex change at many levels - new personal habits, shifting family life, needing new and novel ways of being and working in the world. As the virus spreads to each new community, what were once everyday endeavors become more uncertain and unpredictable. Requests from family, friends, and clients emerge with more complexity or urgency. 

How do you navigate such new and challenging experiences while maintaining strength and resilience? How do you help others do so? How can you find moments of calm, and then how can you, as a coach (either formally or informally), help others find similar space for themselves?

This Adaptive Action Lab will provide you with useful models and methods to use in cycles of Adaptive Action for yourself, and in your support of others, to help you make sense of these complex and unpredictable times. From there you can then find options for action for your questions and challenges. Additionally, you can support others’ attempts to make sense of their uncertainty. 

In two 3-hour segments we will share HSD concepts and methods. They are notably applicable to the complex questions across current challenges. Examples of these challenges include exploring personal health, maintaining social connection, functioning in an emerging economy,  and reconfiguring our lives in a new-world dynamic. We will help you:

  • See and name the tensions you encounter amidst the swirl of change
  • Find ways to understand them more deeply
  • Take action to shift those tensions as you find your next wise action to adapt to shifts you cannot fully control

Join us to learn how to support yourself and others to move forward, even in today’s complex and forever-transformed world.

Faculty & Coaches

Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP
Mary Nations, MSt, MSOD, HSDP
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