Your clients’ lives are busier and more complex than ever. The chaos they feel limits their possibilities and momentum. They want to make choices that move them forward. Human systems dynamics (HSD) offers a powerful coaching model to help your clients find a path through their most challenging situations. In an HSD Adaptive Action Coaching Lab, you will:

  • Explore tensions that drive clients’ choices
  • Convert those tensions into energy for change
  • Support clients in navigating their worlds in productive and generative ways
  • Strengthen your own coaching skills and insights to support your clients’ use of HSD
  • Use HSD to explore your own challenges and sticky professional issues

You and your clients face complex forces and increasing diversity. You can no longer expect one recipe or framework to provide answers to the challenges you face. What you need is a set of good questions. Help your clients see into their patterns of behavior and decision making to find their next wise question. In HSD, we function on foundational assumptions.

Inquire into patterns of interaction and decision making. Your life is shaped by dominant patterns of thought and behavior as you interact with others. Understand what shapes your life patterns and support your clients to understand theirs. Use that understanding to frame questions that will support growth and learning.

Explore tensions that drive behavior. Your thoughts and behaviors are driven by the tensions you feel when you encounter differences in your world. Whether those tensions feel positive or negative, how you understand them fuels your powerful action.

Build Adaptive Capacity for yourself and with your clients. The ability to see and understand your own behaviors increased your capacity to adapt to change and shape the patterns in your life. This is the focus of Adaptive Action Coaching. Build your own Adaptive Capacity and support your clients as they develop their own capacities to adapt.

In this workshop, learn how Adaptive Action and Pattern Logic can hone your coaching skills to support your clients in defining their next wise actions. Registration comes with the powerful resource: Adaptive Action Coaching: Building Patterns of Success by Royce Holladay and Lecia Grossman.

This course is eligible for 20 Core Competency and 3 Resource CCEs from ICF. Cost of this course includes an electronic copy of Simple Rules: Radical Inquiry Into Self and a hard copy of Adaptive Action Coaching: Building Patterns of Success.

It ​is ​beneficial ​to ​participate ​live, ​but ​we ​know ​you ​have ​busy ​schedules! All sessions will be hosted on, and ​are ​recorded ​and ​made ​available ​to ​you, in case ​you ​are ​unable ​to ​attend. The recordings are not shared with anyone who is not enrolled in the course. ​For more information contact

Faculty & Coaches

Lecia Grossman, MA, CPCC, HSDP
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