ICF-Approved Online Course

In this Adaptive Action Lab, Royce Holladay, a leader in the field of HSD, shares a simple, powerful approach to systems-informed coaching. Join her in this lab to:

  • Understand how today’s complexity requires an understanding of systems and how we can function most productively inside the many systems where we live, work, and play
  • Use that understanding to inform your coaching practice
  • Support your individual and team clients thrive in the complexity of their work

WHAT is a Human Systems Dynamics approach to coaching?
We live, work, and play in a complex system of multiple concerns that compete for our time and attention. We exist in a sea of diversity, with little explicit understanding about which differences really matter. We are connected to each other in ways that mean our actions have an impact on those around us, even as others’ actions and decisions can impact us.

As a coach, you want to support clients in seeing what this means to them and their choices. In the complex systems where they live, work, and play, they need tools and insights that help them deal with today’s challenges and opportunities. Human Systems Dynamics (HSD) helps you see and understand patterns of human interaction as it:

  • Provides ways to understand competing forces that concern you
  • Helps you see and select specific differences that matter most to take your next wise action
  • Offers insights into creating productive, generative connections

SO WHAT can HSD offer your coaching practice?
What if you could see and make sense of patterns of interaction in ways that help your clients move toward their goals? What if you could help your clients learn to do that for themselves? You can do both, by attending this IFC-approved coaching course. Build your skill; share those skills with your clients. Change your practice forever!

NOW WHAT is possible? 
Join Royce in this virtual program of training and development. Bring your best aspirations and greatest challenges about coaching. Leave the Lab with a new, cutting-edge technology to offer the individuals and groups you coach.

Faculty & Coaches

Royce Holladay, MEd, HSDP
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