When people tell you to “think outside the box,” they don’t tell you where the box ends and the future begins. That is why we find ourselves so often trapped in our own blind spots and assumptions, constrained by our ordinary (Newtonian) worldviews. The nonlinear sciences—complexity and chaos, as well as Integral theory—shine a light on those dark corners of reality, as well as the habits of mind that keep us stuck. In ancient times, maps of the world would show sea monsters and dragons on the edge of the known world. In this program, we call such mind-blowing — and habitually intractable — realities “dragons”. Hence, The Dragons of Complexity.

In this program, the Human Systems Dynamics Institute (HSD) and The Collective Edge (TCE) expand their collaboration begun last year to introduce a new form of deliberate sensemaking to:

  • Explain in practical and understandable terms the nature of complex systems and dynamical change.
  • Empower you to see, understand, and influence patterns that emerge from complex systems.  
  • Reveal the paradoxes that live in this new paradigm.
  • Challenge the habitual predict and plan mindsets that apply an outdated view to such systems, leading to us experiencing them as intractable.
  • Share tools and practices from the sense and respond worldview to help you adapt, even when you can’t predict or control, uncovering a new understanding, enough to inform action without needing certainty.
  • Create a deliberate sensemaking container within the cohort to help you connect with ideas and people that will sustain you and your clients through the turbulent future.

Faculty & Coaches

Glenda Eoyang, PhD, HSDP
Michael Spayd, HSDP
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