April 27, 2017
Carondelet Center | Minneapolis, MN

This course is essential for organizational and community leaders working through conflict situations where difference is pulling individuals and teams apart.

Are you looking to strengthen your ability to:

  • Manage interpersonal or group conflicts in your workplace
  • Create, support, or maintain positive dialogue in spaces of divisiveness and hostility
  • See, understand, and influence conflict dynamics
  • De-escalate interpersonal conflict

This lab provides an introduction to the work of Human System Dynamics (HSD) as it applies to cases of organizational conflict.

For Lab, participants will not only engage with HSD theory, but will also work on their own cases.

  • Come with your most challenging case and leave with a plan for your Adaptive Action
  • Learn about Adaptive Action, and how it is used in iterative cycles of inquiry, decision making, and action
  • Increase your capacity to see and create sustainable change
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