December 9, 2016
ALT Hotel - Ottawa, ON

You want to maintain a culture of health and balance in your workplace or community. Still there are days when you are not sure you can do anything to support your own wellness, much less others'. What can you do when you feel stuck in this way? Human systems dynamics is a breakthrough technology that offers you a path to health and wellness that is simple, even if it isnt easy.

  • Step 1: Know what you can do.
  • Step 2: Do it.
  • Step 3: Let go and get going.

In this one-day Lab, you will practice a simple, yet powerful, Adaptive Action approach that helps you DO more than THINK about health and well being. Use the same method to create harmony for yourself and your team, organization, and community. You will learn to: 

  • Turn mistakes into experience, so you learn from everything that happens.
  • Coach yourself. Be your own best friend, critic, and cheerleader.
  • Leverage conflict as a resource.

Who should attend? This lab is especially designed for those who work in the Public Service of Canada, but everyone deserves to enjoy health and wellbeing. Join us whether you manage people, projects, or your own day-to-day work.

Faculty & Coaches

Glenda Eoyang
Founding Executive Director, HSD Institute
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