Transforming Health Care Systems

The British Columbia Healthcare Leadership Development Collaborative hosts a training program to prepare its emerging leaders to guide the future of healthcare across the Province.

In 2015, human systems dynamics worked with the Collaborative and other gifted professionals from across the Province to design, develop, facilitate, and evaluate this program, called Transforming LINX.

In three in-person residencies, executive coaching sessions, 360-degree assessments and culture audits, and online conversations, 50 leaders built a network of learning and action. They worked on systemic, strategic challenges in small Adaptive Action Leadership Teams. Evaluations from the sessions confirmed that participants found the learning relevant, challenging, and innovative. In theory and practice, HSD is influencing decisions and relationships across the Province.

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Rooted in the study of chaos and complexity, Adaptive Action introduces a simple, common-sense process that will guide you and your organization into reflective action.
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