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Teaching & LearningPlan in Uncertainty
December 4, 2014 What? challenges are woven into assessing complex learning? So what? evidence of those patterns affects HSD Professional Certification? Now what? have we done to respond? And Now what? questions remain?
Build Adaptive Capacity
November 6, 2014 Glenda Eoyang explores patterns. What? generates patterns in complexity? So what? options for action emerge? Now what? can you do to see and/or create coherence in chaos?
September 18, 2014 Glenda shares information about the work of the HSD Institute. Christi Olson and Mallary Tytel discsuss their version of an HSD-based coaching model. (This event was recorded as a Quarterly Associates Meeting.)
Manage Strategic Change
September 4, 2014 Glenda Eoyang talks about using HSD to design events. What? are the conditions for self-organizing, and how does your practice influence them? So what? are the effects of those conditions on meetings and events? Now what? planning template will help you set conditions for your next meeting or event?
Teaching & LearningPlan in Uncertainty
August 7, 2014 Glenda Eoyang engages attendees in a conversation about the future design of the HSDP training. What? are challenging patterns for trainers and learners in today's complex environment? So what? are possible design solutions for HSDP 2014? Now what? are the questions that will guide the 2015 design?
June 19, 2014 Glenda Eoyang talks about the new HSDP structure. Griff Griffiths describes his experience of the new Learning Ecology for HSDP. Jennifer Jones-Patulli and Whitney Young each talk about their own paths that brought them to HSD. (This event was recorded as an HSD Institute Quarterly Meeting.)
Teaching & Learning
June 5, 2014 Glenda Eoyang explores four questions, relative to training ROI: What? is the process of learning in a complex system? What? is the value of learning in a complex system? So what? is the return on investment? Now what? can you do to realize ROI?
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