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Collaborate to Create Community
September 3, 2015 Glenda Eoyang engages participants in an Adaptive Action cycle about Simple Rules and system coherence. What? Explore three other kinds of coherence beyond simple alignment. So what? Consider examples, risks, and benefits for each. Now what? Find options for action to create and sustain coherence in human systems.
Manage Strategic Change
August 6, 2015 In this recorded Virtual Workshop, Glenda Eoyang, founder of HSD, uses art, literature, and scientific commentary to explore the principles and perspectives of complexity in organizational life.
June 18, 2015 Glenda provides an update of the HSD Institute. Renae Rebechini talks about HSD and collaboration. Mary Nations uses HSD to share her reflections on diversity. Jennifer Jones-Patulli and Shawna Vivant discuss HSD and conflict. (This event was recorded as a Quarterly Associate's Meeting.)
Lead in Complexity
June 4, 2015 Glenda Eoyang explores leadership in this century to prepare for the next: What? is leadership in the 22nd century? So what? can a leader do? Now what? can you do to bring the future into today?
Health CareManage Strategic Change
May 7, 2015 You make choices every day that have an impact on all areas of your life. Use HSD to ensure that those choices support health and wellbeing for yourself, your family, team, organization, and community today and for years to come.
Lead in Complexity
April 2, 2015 Explore an alternative science and join an alternative practice to find breakthrough solutions to the most sticky issues. 19th Century theory and 20th Century practice keep us stuck in our 21st Century problems. Until we think about reality differently, we will not act differently. Until we act differently, we will not solve our most difficult problems. Step through the HSD looking glass to see in surprising ways, imagine innovations, and take Adaptive Action.
Collaborate to Create Community
October 2, 2014 Glenda Eoyang offers a new approach to organizing to accomplish the diverse work of today's landscape. What? Reflect on the shifting patterns of work 1980s to today and why Coordinated Adaptive Action Networks (CAANs) are a powerful solution. So what? Explore five Coordinated Adaptive Action Networks. Now what? Plan for what your CAAN can do.
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