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September 21, 2017 Join us to hear HSD Professionals share their HSD stories about how they use HSD principles, models, and methods to change their worlds every day. This week's presenters include: Mary Nations and Jennifer Jones-Patulli "Resilience and Conflict" Lecia Grossman and Griff Griffiths "Organizing Regional HSD Learning Groups" Glenda Eoyang "Institute/field update and Adaptive Action Labs"
September 7, 2017 How do you make decisions when your world is changing with the speed of social media, and you are inundated with a world of answers, choices, and other people’s opinions? What do you do when all the “off the shelf” answers are ok, but none of them is really what you are looking for? Do you settle for “just ok?” Do you go ahead and purchase the product and then spend untold resources making it fit your needs? In HSD we help you use Adaptive Action to design responses and interventions that fit the unique nature of your work and your business. We give you what it takes to look at challenges, weigh the options, based on what you see, and take action to move forward. Then you look around to see where that got you and to take the next step. We continue working, looking for what is true in our world and still useful to us, using that to continue to inform and fuel our work. Join us in this LVW to learn to Design When You Can’t Decide.
August 3, 2017 When the world changes as quickly as it does today, what you knew for certain yesterday may or may not be true today. Yesterday’s answers are stale and inaccurate by the time the email is opened today. The best you can do when life is so uncertain is to stand in inquiry, using questions to learn more, to make meaning, to support your action, and even to question your own answers. In HSD we use Adaptive Action and Pattern Logic to stand in inquiry as we make sense of the world and take our next wise actions.
June 15, 2017 Join us as we listen to three of our HSD Professionals share their HSD stories about how they use HSD principles, models, and methods to change their worlds every day.
June 8, 2017 Look out your window. Whatever your vista, even at its most peaceful, there is constant change and response, and tension and activity. You’re aware that the patterns you see out your window are shaped by all that goes on under the surface. In HSD, we use Pattern Logic, to help us explore those patterns in human systems to understand the dynamics that shape our world. That understanding inform our actions as we influence those patterns toward greater resilience and coherence.
May 4, 2017 Leadership just “ain’t what it used to be!” It’s no longer lone domain of the C-Suite; the three-piece suits; or the power deals that happen around polished tables. It’s no longer about black and white answers or one path to success. Decades ago, leaders talked in terms of either/or and yes/no. In the last couple of decades, they began to talk about “both/and”, and “maybe.” That worked for a while, but today, even that level of openness is not sufficient for informed decision making and action today. HSD offers a way to think about the multiple competing forces that create tensions in our systems, and how leadership of the future will be defined as the ability to navigate those tensions to find the greatest fit for the whole system.
April 6, 2017 In the complexity of the 21st century, you can’t create regulations and procedures to inform every action. Organizations and communities that attempt to govern by creating more rules crumble under the weight of the infrastructure required to maintain such a system. To thrive in a complex, diverse landscape, healthy organizations and communities rely on a short list of Simple Rules to inform action and decision making for individuals, groups, and teams; to inform policy making and implementation; and to create shared expectations and coherence across global communities. Human systems Dynamics proposes a short list of Simple Rules to help you thrive in the complexity of the 21st century.
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