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March 21, 2024 April Schnell is a career development specialist who discovered the HSDI community in 2020 and became an HSD Associate. April shared her application of the HSD worldview to career development and describe work as an ongoing pattern of exchanges between an individual and his or her work. She uses the identification of patterns of flow, attunement, and intention of purpose with clients to help them identify what is fit for function while recognizing that individuals and the nature of work continue to change. April announced a professional development group that she and Janice Ryan, another HSD Associate, are starting for professionals (coaches, therapists, teachers, doctors, etc.) who use HSD with individuals they serve. The session engaged the HSD community for input on how its Simple Rules can be used to set generative conditions for HSD experiments (like hers with the professional development group) during the 2024 transition year. How can we create a coherent and thriving network?
March 7, 2024 In chaos and uncertainty, old answers and familiar expertise lose their power. Only questions connect you with an ever-emerging reality. This workshop explores the power and possibility of inquiry practice in personal and professional life. Examples from literature, history, and personal experience illustrates how inquiry and humility can reveal opportunity, even in the middle of tragedy and destruction. Join the community in the Power of Questions to develop your capacity to ask and receive transforming questions.
February 2, 2024 In turbulent and unpredictable situations, alignment is not enough. Individuals need to be free to respond to local intelligence and immediate context. They also need to contribute to the coherent, systemic patterns of culture and productivity. How can communities and organizations offer the greatest individual freedom and maximum coherence? Two principles of Pattern Logic generate coherent sense-making and action-taking for individuals and groups: Generative Vision and Simple Rules. A Generative Vision captures the “what” of an aspirational future, but it also supports local, immediate action to create that future. The HSD vision is an example of such a Generative Vision. Simple Rules, on the other hand, provide the “how” of an emerging future. This workshop explores the theory and practice of these principles across all complex natural and human systems. It presents the power and possibility of the HSD Generative Vision and Simple Rules for our community. Finally, it introduces a year-long exploration into the foundations of HSD and the people and institutions who practice it.
December 7, 2023 Three conditions influence the path, speed, and outcome of self-organizing processes. When you see the three conditions, you can understand the current patterns as they emerge at any level of human experience. When you understand the patterns, you can take action to alter the conditions. When you alter the conditions, you shift the pattern as it emerges.  This Live Virtual Workshop is a master class in using the CDE Model to see, understand, and influence the complex contexts in which you work and play.
November 2, 2023 We all know a simple, structured process for making decisions. We also know when and how that process fails. The simple step-by-step falls apart when change is fast, information is unreliable, and perspectives are multiple. In the 1990s decision scientists named the “garbage can” approach to explain the real world of decision making in action, but this random approach is not fast or robust enough to respond to challenges today or tomorrow.  HSD acknowledges the complex and emergent dynamics of decision making and provides a tool to help make it explicit and reasonable. This session introduces the Decision Map and gives you a chance to practice using it on your own most wicked challenges, whether you are new to HSD or have been using HSD at home, at work, or at play.
October 5, 2023 In times of chaos and confusion, a good question will serve you much better than any answer. Answers shift and deceive, while questions keep you open to learning and adaptation. In this workshop, Glenda explores two powerful practices that will help you and your teams stay in adaptive inquiry. This virtual workshop is for anyone who is ready to thrive in whatever future emerges.
September 21, 2023 In the September HSD Community Commons, we were welcomed by Robin Kilroy, who works with Carla Blanquier and John Murphy to plan and host the HSD Community Commons meetings. Robin introduced Miriam Bayes, who has partnered with Royce Holladay to create an HSD-based in-depth application of HSD in Coaching. The resulting program has been approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for 40 CCE units.  After briefly introducing an overview of the program, Miriam and Royce introduced the group to one of the Models/Methods they have modified from the HSD website. They have adapted the Decision Map to be used by Coaches to understand and support change in their clients. In breakout rooms, the attendees talked about the adapted model in trios and brought their insights and questions back to the larger group. This portion of the meeting ended with a large-group Power of Questions session, introducing it as a tool for coaches to use with their clients and with other coaches to explore some of their most wicked challenges.  Carla closed the meeting, thanking Mirima and Royce for their presentation and all others for their contributions to an engaging session.
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