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Plan in Uncertainty
Adaptive Action helps unstick the most sticky issues for individuals, groups, and communities. In the Mahtomedi, MN TEDx, Glenda Eoyang tells you how.
Plan in Uncertainty
It is easy to lose hope in chaos, but Adaptive Action helps you find the energy to keep moving.
Gouran Dhawan Lal inquires about the beginnings of HSD in an interview with Glenda Eoyang.
Collaborate to Create Community
This arts-based community development initiative in municipal government uses human systems dynamics as a foundation for planning and action. Creative CityMaking Minneapolis was launched as a multi-year collaboration from 2012 through 2016 between the City of Minneapolis program for Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy, and Intermedia Arts. In this video, members of the extended team talk about how it worked and why. The success of the demonstration year inspired an investment of over $1 million from private, municipal, and federal sources including the Kresge Foundation, the City of Minneapolis, and the National Endowment for the Arts.
Plan in Uncertainty
Understanding a complex system is never enough. The reason you want to understand is to find your next wise action. Explore your options with Glenda Eoyang.
In 2014, the HSD community came together to share their HSD stories at the Navigating Complexity Conference. This video tells the tale.
HSD Associate, Brenda Fake, talks about how she uses HSD in her life and work.
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